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My name is John Jefferies.

I founded Shadow Photography in 2012, and I describe it as  a friendly, professional business that is based in West Sussex, run by myself and my colleague.
At the early age of 8 years old I picked up my first camera, and have been interested in photography ever since. This business venture has been an amazing change of lifestyle for me, from working in the airline industry for many years previous.
My inspiration for the business name came from my dear feline friend Shadow, and he has been the basis for my foundation to the business. 

- I am a very approachable person, and can provide a great standard of direction when helping you behind the camera.

-When working with children, I have an up to date DBS certificate that can be shown to you on the day of shooting.

- My editing techniques are exceptional, meaning that I can provide you with an array of outstanding images.

Contact me for any more information, and/or any requirements you may have without the obligation to committing to a photo shoot.

e-mail:- John Jefferies

Phone:- 07807315269


My name is Katelynn Bennett, I am 26 years of age, and I am John's second photographer within Shadow Photography. I am not originally from Sussex, I am from Surrey; I moved over here in 2005.
I first started out modelling for John in 2018, and now I have taken a large step behind the camera, with a huge interest and passion for photography both inside and outside of studying my Veterinary Bioscience university degree. 

John has recently in the past year taken me on as his partner within the business, and I will be accompanying him on all of his photo shoots for clients.

- I am fun, friendly and approachable

- I have excellent communication skills, and assist John greatly with photographing clients as well as aiding in giving direction and ideas

- My editing skills are of excellent standard, so I can produce beautiful images for you/ you and your family

Contact details: